Friday, January 7, 2011

And now for the news...

News coverage in Australia is mostly hopeless.  We have two dedicated Australian 24 hour a day news channels and a host of others from the USA and the UK all telling us mostly irrelevant information or covering it in a shallow predictable way.

We have a biased coverage of politics.  Channel Nine, Foxtel and The Daily Telegraph may as well be called The Liberal Party of Australia News Network.  

So I actually don't watch the news anymore because well, we don't have a world view, we cover the trivial, we belittle people, we make opinion fact and fact opinion.  In this nation news is weak.

Anyway there are things that I do follow and so I will be commenting on them.  This may seem hypocritical on the surface and perhaps it just is, but that is OK.

This will not be a daily blog, it may not even be weekly this is one where I am going to run with different things whenever I wish to.

And in the meantime I hope for news to return to being less based on opinion polls and desperate to show us the lives of the rich and famous and actually cover issues, and try to make real positive change in our lives.

Yes idealist here and realist too because the way things are happening with the news it is just getting worse by the day!